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$ 74.95
The Indicator II line has been designed to cast indicator rigs with ease – whether for trout or steelhead. The thick diameter, high floating easy viz tip and short front taper easily turns over the largest of indicators, while the ultra long head is easy to mend and control the...
$ 89.95
The InTouch Trout LT (Light Touch) WF line is available in both double taper, and weight forward profiles, and features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations and perfect roll casts. The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line...
$ 74.95
RIO's Trout LT is the ultimate for traditional trout fishing techniques. A long, delicate front taper ensures the softest of presentations Perfect for fishing dry flies, soft hackles, emergers, small nymphs and chironomids An excellent line for roll and single-handed spey casting The ultimate presentation fly line
Quick look
$ 84.95
When fishing with nymphs, the most important thing is staying in control. The Wavelength Nymph/Indicator line will put you in the driveräó»s seat. Built with a long rear taper for excellent mending and a powerful front taper for turning over large nymph rigs, the Nymph/Indicator taper is a roll casteräó»s...
$ 84.95
Youäó»ve got articulated streamers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. You think in terms of black, white, or olive. The term conehead doesnäó»t refer to an old comedy sketch. We totally get it. And thatäó»s why we designed the Wavelength Titan. If you have an all-encompassing need to throw...
$ 84.95
The Wavelength Trout taperŒæis made for PMD hatches, for those cloudy afternoons when blue-winged olives come off in droves. Itäó»s a trout fly line built to place dry flies where you need them and to keep them floating after they land. ItŒæmay not be the best choice when hucking huge...
$ 99.95
Designed to turn over even the largest fliesξwith just a single backcast, the SharkWave Siege has power in spades. The short, aggressive head pushes weight toward the back of the taper, resulting in a line that might not win a casting contest, but will certainly catch you a lot of...
$ 99.95
The term äóìGPXäó? means different things to different anglers, but the one overriding attribute everyone can agree upon is this: itäó»s awesome to fish. Built a half-size heavy, the GPXäó»s extra weight up front helps load fast-action rods and can greatly increase line speed when used with a double haul....
$ 99.95
The Ultimate Trout taper is a trout angleräó»s dream. Designed to deliver dries with a soft touch, no matter the distance, the Ultimate Trout can also handle nymphs and small streamers, depending on the occasion. The compound design provides enough weight up front to turn over flies, while the extended...
$ 84.95
For years, the gold standard in the Scientific Anglers lineup was the GPX taper. From tossing small dries to slinging huge streamers, the GPX could do it all. But all good things must come to an end. Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left off....
$ 79.95
When it comes to fishing streamers in cold water, itäó»s difficult to beat the SONAR Sink 25. Designed with a short 25äó_ fast-sinking head, the Sink 25 sinking fly line gets flies deep extremely quickly and is paired with a large diameter handling section for excellent line control. When itäó»s...
$ 79.95
So you know where the fish are holding. Youäó»ve done your research. But you just donäó»t know how deep they are. Luckily, the SONAR Sink Tip fly line offers a variety of solutions for all of your depth-finding needs. Just below the surface? Try the Sink 3. Holding steady in...
$ 84.95
Who says you canäó»t be stealthy when youäó»re chucking foot-long streamers at pike or muskie? The SONAR Titan Clear Tip fly line provides all the advantages of our Titan taperäóîeasy loading and effortless turnover to name a fewäóîand tops it off with an intermediate sinking clear head. When your quarry...
$ 84.95
Get this: we took one of our most popular tapers, the Titan, drenched it in various mixtures of tungsten powder, and created a triple-density sinking fly line that will absolutely change the way you fish streamers forever. This is a fully tapered sinking line, so it casts like a floater,...


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